If you finished reading DIETLAND and thought, but I really want to DO something...
Well, here's a way to spread body love and help us promote the new paperback edition of DIETLAND! Most of the messages we receive during the day, in advertisements and magazines and online, tell us that our bodies need improvement. Wouldn't it be great if we saw messages that told us to love our bodies instead?

Enter your contact info below and we will mail you a set of post-its that look like this:

Stick a post-it on every public bathroom mirror you encounter.
Stick a post-it on any public advertisement you see that promotes body shaming.
Stick a post-it on magazine covers that make women feel bad about their bodies.
Stick a post-it on the door of your closet to remind yourself as you're getting dressed every morning that you are beautiful, and important.
Post a picture of your post-it notes in action on social media with the hashtag #JenniferLives. Help us spread the message of DIETLAND and add some body positivity to the world.
Contest Alert
Email a link to your #JenniferLives post to trademarketing@hmhco.com by 5:00 PM, June 30, 2016 and be entered to win one of these plum-tacular gift baskets! Three winners will be chosen at random. More rules here: http://hmhbooks.tumblr.com/giveawayrules.

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If you'd like to request more than 1 pad of 100 post-its, please write in the space below how many pads you would like and why. Thanks!
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(Mailing addresses must be in the U.S. and Canada only. Similarly, the contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. We will use your address only for the post-its and your email only to let you know the post-its are on their way (or not, if—sadly—we run out of supplies). We will not add you to any mailing lists or use your information for any other purposes.)
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