2016 Westside Culture Days Business (not for Creatives) Sign up List - Sep 30, Oct 1 and Oct 2
This form is for the businesses who wish to participate in Westbank West Kelowna Culture Days. This year, we are thrilled to announce we will be hosting the BC Provincial Launch on Friday September 30. We welcome any sponsorship from any businesses who wish to be involved, financial, in kind, and or location hosts.

The emails and names are used to facilitate communications between you and Westside Culture Days.

What days will you participate? You can choose one day, two days or all three. Please indicate your hours as well. Westside Culture Days is Sep 30, Oct 1 and 2. *
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Please write a short para that we can use on the website and in media on why you want to participate, what you hope to achieve in your participation or anything you would like to share. *
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Are you interested in participating in our Amazing Race? This will take place on Saturday October 1.
See our website for more information then come back here!
Type of art, demo, workshop or performance you would like in your business: *
Do you know which artist? If yes, have you already approached them? *
Name of artist(s) and Yes or No
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What will your partner be doing during Culture Days? *
Times and activities agreed upon.
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Have you read the business-artist relationship information? It is on www.WestsideCultureDays.com *
Do you have an empty property or know a landlord that would be interested in hosting a pop up gallery?
Popup gallery is a space or room available for a temporary art gallery
swacarts@gmail.com subject line "2016 Culture Days Logo" . *
This will be used to represent you in all promotional material.
We have lawn signs, would you like some on your property? If yes, we will contact you for info on number and let you know where you can pick them up for installation mid September.
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