FPCS Incident Report Form
To file a report with the FirePony Creative Society Conduct Committee, please fill out and submit this Incident Form. This form collects information regarding possible Code of Conduct violations. The completed form should contain sufficient detail for the investigators to begin an investigation. Conduct Committee Leads receive this form first, and then they will review the report with you before assigning your case to a team investigators.
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Report anonymously *only* if you do not wish to have any follow up. Anonymous information can be useful when it contains verifiable facts but information with no contact information is, by its nature, of limited value in our process.
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eg: phone number, email address, etc.
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If several instances please enter a time range and call out any specific instances in the narrative.
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Can you identify those involved in the incident?
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Were bystanders present when the incident(s) occurred?
If yes, please specify if you are acquainted with them should the investigators need to reach out to them with your approval.
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Please describe the incident(s)
Please note: if this form is received during hiatus, it will be received by the Conduct Committee after they reconvene. You will receive an email from the leads once Conduct Committee resumes and processes your submission. *
The Conduct Committee will not pursue legal action, however if you were to do so on your own, all recorded communication received by the Conduct Committee (starting with this report) can be subpoenaed under certain circumstances
Please review relevant state laws in this living document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDc4SGVbWk7lMVHECKfFznzapvPVboyQ66QRgdEPFzU/pub
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