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Join singer-songwriter and songleader Eli Conley for an online gathering to connect in with your breath and raise up your voice in community. Eli will teach songs old as the hills and ones just born this week. Sometimes special guests will also join us to teach a tune. Everyone is welcome to come and sing!

We meet for 30 minutes on the first Sunday of every month online via Zoom.

5:30 pm Pacific / 6:30 pm Mountain / 7:30 pm Central / 8:30 pm Eastern


Fill out the form below to register and you will receive an e-mail with the Zoom link every month before we begin. You only need to register once.

To prevent zoom-crashers, the link will be different each time and I ask that you not share it with others.

Wanna tell friends about the Sunday Sing? Full info is at this link -- just copy & paste it:

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*Frequently Asked Questions*

*Will other people be able to hear me sing?*

No, due to the way Zoom (and all video conferencing software) works, there is too much of a lag for us to sing together with our microphones on. So I’ll teach and lead songs, and everyone will sing along from home on "mute." It’s a funny way to do it, but it’s the best possible method I've found to do group singing in this time. The silver lining is, you can sing loud and proud and not worry about anyone hearing you!

*My kids may be in and out of the room, interrupting me or appearing on screen sometimes. Is that okay?*

Yes! Because everyone will be on mute (see above), having kids pop in is not at all disruptive. Though the Sunday Sing is geared for adults rather than kids, your kids are very welcome to come and sing with you! Seeing kids and pets on screen brings me great joy.

*Do I need to have any singing or musical experience to participate?*

Nope! The Sunday Sing is for everyone. Come try it out.

*I want to spread the word about this! How do I invite friends?*

Please share this link:

If you have any other questions, please reach out to

I look forward to singing with you soon!
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