Step 1-2-3 Virtual STEM Summer Camp  Student Registration
Event Timing: June 2022- July 2022
5-6  hours per day REQUIRED for PARTICIPANTS
Participant Must Download Zoom on Phone

This virtual STEM summer camp is being provided AT A DISCOUNTED RATE courtesy of us and our sponsors for 6 full weeks. In response to COVID-19 and at our founding, Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative has committed itself to provide safe and engaging alternatives to provide mentoring, education, and academic empowerment in virtual and in-person events, initiatives and programs. We have leadership that signed on to do one thing, "BE MENTORS FOR LIFE." Our students thrive when we STICK AROUND. We want you to have something special too so we are inviting you to REGISTER for STEP 1-2-3 VIRTUAL STEM SUMMER CAMP TODAY!

Event Address: Google Meet Link Provided to Registrant Prior to First Session
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Registration Means YOU GET:
6 weeks of Step 1-2-3 Virtual STEM Summer Camp
Camp Supplies and Materials Packets
Google Meet Virtual Access to Phenomenal and Inspiring Instructors across 6 fields
A White Lab Coat and Graduation Ceremony with your name and the program name individually embroidered on it
Graduation Certificate
and many more free things from our sponsors

Previous sponsors/community partners include:
Magic City Bar Association
Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative
AT & T of Alabama
State of Alabama Coranavirus Relief Fund Grant
Neena R. Speer Law Firm LLC
and many more to come

Title: Step 1-2-3 Virtual STEM Summer Camp

Purpose: Investing in our future youth and telling them they can major in STEM and even end up using STEM to learn how to be a lawyer

Breakdown for Step 1-23 Virtual STEM Summer Camp Offered:

• 6 Week Camp

o Week 1: Robotics
o Week 2: Technology
o Week 3: Medical or STEM Field
o Week 4: Trademark Law
o Week 5: Budgeting
o Week 6: Leadership

• Instructors secured through various contacts based on their areas of expertise
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