Counseling Program Survey
Hello students of Franklin Discovery Academy,

As the school counselor, my job is to help you with any worries you are having. Part of that means I will be coming into your classrooms throughout the year to talk about different topics. I will also offer small group activities where you can receive support from your peers who are experiencing similar worries. I need to know what topics to focus on this year and for that I need your help. Below is a survey that I would like you to fill out and submit so that I can know how best to help you.


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Your answer
Below is a list of common issues students face at school. If you would like to join a group of 2-7 others who would like to talk about the same topic you are interested in, please check "Join Group". If you would feel more comfortable talking privately with the counselor, please check "Talk Privately". If you are not interested in the topic, please leave it blank.
Join Group
Talk Privately
Making and keeping friends
Feeling better about myself (Gaining self-confidence)
Handling teasing/bullying
Death of a friend or loved one
Getting along better with my family (parents, brother, sister, step-parent, etc.)
Becoming more organized/learn to manage my time
Improve my study skills
Reduce test-taking anxiety
Family changes (divorce, separation)
Handling peer pressure
Dealing with anger
Self-control, improving behavior and attitude
Feeling sad or depressed
Feeling anxious or nervous
Improving problem-solving skills
If there is another topic you would like to discuss, please write it below.
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