STEAM Fest 2017 Exhibitor / Sponsor Application
The Details
April 29 + April 30 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds
Saturday + Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Load in: Friday, April 28 between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Maker/Vendor - Build-Your-Own booth fees
* 10x10 exhibitor space $100 (20% discount for non-profit organizations)
- see tables, chairs, electricity below - and you can build exactly what you want in your booth!

Maker/Vendor - Commercial booths
* 10x10 exhibitor space - either $150 + 10% of revenue; OR $300 flat fee
- see tables, chairs, electricity below - and you can build exactly what you want in your booth!

Food Vendors - Commercial booths
* Rent the kitchen, or bring your food truck or food/beverage kiosk - 10% of revenue
there is an additional $25/day permit fee due to Boulder County Fairgrounds
you will be contacted by Erin with MakerBolder to ensure all insurance requirements are handled

Build Your Own Awesome Space
You asked for it! In order to keep your costs as low as possible, you can pick and choose just the items you need at your exhibitor space - got your own tables? Awesome. Easier to just have us set it all out for you? That's awesome, too!
* Tables (6' rectangle) - $10 each
* Tables (5' rounds) - $15 each
* Folding metal chairs - $5 each
* Electricity (120v available in 5a, 10a and 20a circuits) - $50 per 5 Amps
* Weekend entrance passes for you and your booth staff - $5 each (wow! that's awesome!)

Sponsorship start at just $500

Exhibitors and makers are curated by the Maker Boulder STEAMFest committee. We reserve the right to accept/deny any applications. Your space is not guaranteed until you have received an acceptance email from MakerBolder and your payment has been received.


Company Name
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Primary Contact First and Last Name
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Email address
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Primary Contact Phone Number
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Type of Application
Company Description
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Company URL
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Does your exhibit include a STEAM-based hands-on activity?
Activity Description (tell us what you will be doing at your exhibit and how attendees will interact with your activity)
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If you are a commercial maker, what do you plan to sell?
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What size booth do you need?
If you need a non-standard size, please tell us more...
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Location Preference
Electrical Requirements
Noise Level
Safety (Does your activity involve sharp or hot objects? Anything dangerous? If so, we'll need a safety plan - not to worry, we'll follow up with you to talk about it.)
How did you hear about STEAM Fest?
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Anything else you want us to know about your project?
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Secondary contact (first and last name)
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Notices (keep going, you're almost done)
There are a few important things you should know about STEAM Fest. Please acknowledge that you understand these important notes:

1. INTERNET - There is no WiFi at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. If you need internet access, you must bring a Wifi Hotspot or other resources to access internet.

2. WEATHER - Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest, like all events in Colorado, is subject to the Whims of the weather gods. Every reasonable effort will be made to hold STEAM Fest on the days scheduled. No refunds will be issued if weather is an issue. Since the event is mostly indoors, it will be held except in extreme weather conditions.

3. PHOTOGRAPHY AND SOCIAL MEDIA - Our event is awesome. You're gonna want pictures. Lots of people take pictures at the event, and many of them get posted on social media. You acknowledge that RMSF staff may take your picture and use it for marketing and promotional activities without any compensation to you.

4. HOURS OF OPERATION - The event is from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Load In will be Friday afternoon. You are required to arrive up to 60 minutes before the doors open and to keep your exhibit up and running until the doors close at 5pm both days. If you "pack up" early, you may not be invited back.

5. DANGEROUS - RMSF is a collection of awesome, spinning, twisting, flying things - you might get hurt. You're responsible for everyone's safety at your own exhibit, and we are not responsible for your safety or your staff's safety while you are at the STEAM Fest.

Yes, I acknowledge that I am responsible for providing my own internet access
NO. I do not acknowledge this.
I must provide my own internet access
The event will occur rain or shine, there are no refunds for inclement weather
RMSF might take pictures of our booth/people and use them for promotional purposes
If we are exhibiting, we must be present during operating hours (10a to 5p both days)
This awesome event can be dangerous, we might get hurt and RMSF is not responsible
Thank you! Please remember, you must hit SUBMIT button below, or we will not receive your application.
It's because of you that STEAM Fest is amazing. We are so glad you're joining us!

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