Front End North call for papers
Front End North is a web conference in Sheffield that will run on Friday 7th February. By applying to this CFP you are agreeing to follow our code of conduct. Please read it before applying.
Section 1: About you
We use this information to contact you in the event that your talk is accepted or rejected. In the event that your talk is accepted, we will use this information to introduce you on our website, include your details in the talk schedule, issue you with an event badge and introduce you on-stage at the event itself.

This data will be hidden from the talk selection panel in the first round of selection. This ensures an element of anonymity and grants privilege to the talk, rather than the speaker.
First names *
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Last names *
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Pronouns *
We will use pronouns to introduce you on stage.
Email address *
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Do you have any accessibility needs?
For example, do you require step-free access to the stage, or arrangements to be made for a sighted guide?
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Prior experience
Do you have experience talking at user groups or conferences? We'd like to know a little bit about where you've spoken before. You can list events you've spoken at or videos of you speaking here.
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Photo URL *
Ideally unfiltered, in colour, and as high resolution as possible. Not supplying a photo will not exclude you from speaking at the event, in this case please link us to an image or a graphic that identifies you that we can use. Please make sure you have permission from the copyright holder of the image if you do not own it yourself.
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Bio *
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Role, job title, or something irreverent
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Place of work
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Twitter URL
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Personal or company website
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Section 2: About your talk
We use this information to evaluate your talk for inclusion in our schedule.

The "abstract" is the primary field we consider, as a concise description of your talk. It's also the description of your talk that will be shown to our audience in the schedule, so try to make it as appealing and as accessible as possible.

We've also given you a "notes to the organisers" field to supply supplementary information about your talk. This will only ever be shown to the organisers and should be used to tell us about the level of experience you assume the audience has, who the talk is for, what the audience should be capable of after seeing your talk.
Talk title *
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Talk subtitle / tagline
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Talk abstract *
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Notes for the organisers
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Section 3: Diversity survey
We use this data to ensure the diversity of our speaker lineup. This information will be hidden from the talk selection panel in the first round of selection. We will use it in the second round of selection to make sure people from underrepresented backgrounds are included in our speaker lineup.

This information will not be published to our audience, and it will be kept in strict confidence.
Do you consider yourself to be in an underrepresented minority in tech? If so, which ones?
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