Five Leaf Eco-Awards Survey
Find out if your church is eligible for the Five Leaf Eco-Awards Basic Certificate...

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1. Has your church completed a basic energy audit or our Simple Church Building Energy Audit Checklist? ( (PDF) *
2. a) What smaller actions has your church taken to reduce your church building's energy or resource use?                                                      
2. b) What larger actions has your church taken to reduce your church's energy or resource use?
3. Which behaviour change campaigns has your church run to encourage your congregation to be more environmentally friendly at church?
4. Have you held an environment themed worship service or similar this year? *
5. What two resources have you provided to help the members of your congregation to be more environmentally friendly at home?
6. a) Name an environment themed event you have held that the wider community attended:
6. b) How has your congregation been involved in climate advocacy and community action?
7. Describe the special project your congregation has completed that demonstrates your environmental community leadership and commitment to environmental action.                                                           (eg. establishing a community garden, restoring a local ecosystem, a project to protect a local endangered species, hosting a community solar farm)
8. Are there any other environmental actions your church has undertaken that you have not mentioned yet?
9. Please provide your contact details so we can send you the results of your survey!  :)
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