UWI Staff Games 2018 in Grenada July 6 -15, 2018
Form closes on May 4th, 2018
NOTE: This form is to be filled ONLY ONCE. Those staff who believe that they can play more than one sport will indicate so in the OTHER Field. For items which do not apply, simply place a N/A in the answer field
Section A : General Information
Country and Open Campus Site Assigned To *
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Section B(i): Personal Information
Full Name: *
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Staff Number: *
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Gender: *
Date of Birth *
Telephone (WhatsApp)
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Nationality *
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Section B (ii) Supporters
Please fill out this area ALONE if you plan to travel as a supporter or a cheerleader.
Please indicate your level of participation
Section C : Sporting Information (Please see sizing information here: http://www.joma-sport.com/en/size-chart)
This section and all else that follows is for Athletes ONLY
Sport of Interest - Primary Sport *
Other Sporting Interest - Secondary Sports (optional)
If staff wishes to participate in more than one sport, please indicate here. Additionally, just because a staff member signs up for an additional sport, there is no automatic guarantee that they will be selected for their second sport. Staff are encouraged to select their strongest sport when filling out this form as their primary sport.
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Number on back of shirt (optional)
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Track Suit Size *
Track Suit - Normally the pants will match the top i.e. medium top = medium pants. See Track Suit here: http://www.joma-sport.com/en/jacket-tracksuit-top-jacket-black-orange-100420.150
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The following Gear selections are based on the sport the athlete is playing
Sports Shirt Size
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Cricket** ONLY . See Sports T-Shirt: http://www.joma-sport.com/en/shirt-short-sleeve-t-shirt-champion-iii-orange-black-ss-100014.801
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Sports Pants Size
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Athletics ONLY
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Netball Top and Skort Size
Netball ONLY
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*Compulsory for all athletes
**Cricketers will use their track pants bottom with a sports shirt
NOTE: All athletes are expected to travel with their special sports equipment. This includes shoes, rackets & balls, helmet, bat and pads, knee and arm pads, shin guards and any other specialist protection/equipment.
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