Sydney Uni Handball Club new player form
Thank you for your interest in joining Sydney Uni HC for the 2020 season. We're very excited that you consider coming on an amazing handball adventure with us!

The below information will help us to assess if and how you may fit into our club, and will be the basis for us to shortlist players. We will however talk to you further via email and potentially over the phone/Skype too.

OK, let's go...
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Please tell us what position you most commonly play
Your current club
Please tell us where you currently play handball.
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How many years have you been playing for this club? *
Average playing minutes per game *
For how long does your coach usually put you on the court?
What position do you usually defend on? *
Previous clubs
What were your greatest achievements?
Have you represented your country? Won any titles? Become top-scorer in your league? etc
What is your personal objective with joining Sydney Uni in 2020?
Do you have a video of a game of yourself?
Please provide the link to a YouTube video, and tell us which player you are (colour and number of jersey)
Personal situation
As you know, Sydney Uni is not a professional club - and we are not paying any salaries to our players. It is therefore important to think about how you can earn a living while in Sydney - be it as a student or by working besides playing handball.
Occupation *
Please describe what you do for a living (student, your profession, etc)
If you are a student - what course are you doing?
What professional experience do you have?
Please tell us what kind of jobs you have done in the past (and could work in again)
When could you join our team, and for how long would you stay? *
We are starting our preparations in March 2020, with the IHF Super Globe in September 2020 our main goal. Which months could you spend in Sydney to train with us? (please tick all the months which you are available)
What Australian visa are you considering applying for?
Please check to see which visa is available for your nationality (most of our foreign players are on work & travel visa or a student visa)
Are you interested in doing an English language course?
We have a partnership with Navitas English, a language school in Sydney, where we can offer free English courses. Is this something you would be interested in?
Any specific questions you have?
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