Submit Your SRCCON 2019 Lightning Talk Proposal
In the thick of relentless news cycles, it’s easy to forget to take the time to celebrate and acknowledge the truly great work that we are doing to serve our communities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. During the lightning talks, we'll explore how we can celebrate in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals but also as a member of a team. In a song lyric, this year's theme is "Celebrate Good Times, Come On!"

We're looking for your lightning talk pitches for Thursday night at SRCCON, and here's how they work:

* Your talk only needs to be 5 minutes long.
* You can use any media you like (slides, music, video, interpretive dance, etc.) or nothing at all.
* Our theme is celebration, so tell us about a personal or professional win—large or small—and how you celebrated it. (And let us celebrate YOU!)

Questions you might want to explore include: What does celebration look like for you? How do you make celebration part of the lifecycle of a project? How have you been mindful of the different ways that members of your team like to celebrate (perhaps privately or by unplugging)?

We really want to delve into the idea of celebration, so everyone walks away with images and ideas of different ways to celebrate success back home.

Questions? Email Amy L. Kovac-Ashley at amy DOT kovac HYPHEN ashley AT pressinstitute DOT org.

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