Representation of Birmingham People
6th February 1918 the British Parliament voted for 'The Representation of the People Act', extending the vote to working class men and for the first time, some women.

The vote marked years of campaigning in Birmingham, gradually moving towards 'Universal Suffrage'. People like Thomas Attwood and his Birmingham Political Union had started debate to reform the House of Commons,"the seat of ignorance, imbecility and indifference".

Birmingham People were campaigning to have their voices heard. The Act led to radical changes in our political system around participation, representation and changes in our society in Birmingham, the UK and the World.
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What changed after 1918?
Extending the vote to working class men, to a small number of women and taking the vote away from Conscientious Objectors led to more campaigning around voting reform, but also housing, employment rights, health, maternity and child welfare.

Following the act new political movements grew, including Peace, Co-operative, Labour, Communist, Nationalist and Fascist movements. At the same time, refugees fleeing conflict and political persecution brought a new perspective and influenced political debate in Birmingham.
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