Sylmar Charter High School
How do you feel about your school? Be honest.
1. Which SLC are you in?
2. What year will you graduate
3. In ELA, we do a lot of writing.
4. In ELA, we work together to edit our writing to make it better.
5. In Math, my teacher shows us how math is used in everyday life.
6. In Math, we discuss possible solutions to math problems with other students.
7. In Science, we make hypotheses and test them.
8. In Science, my teacher shows us how science can help us understand the world around us.
9. In Social Science (history/government/economics), my teacher asks us to think critically about why certain events took place.
10. In Social Science (history/government/economics), my teacher connects what we are learning with things that are happening in the world now.
11. In school, I use technology to make something new and creative for class.
12. In school, I use computer programs to complete school assignments or projects.
13. How often do you receive your own computer or tablet to use during class?
14. Outside of school, I use technology to communicate with my teachers.
15. Someone at this school has helped me learn the details of getting into college (completing applications, getting financial aid, etc.).
16. I have had a meeting this year with someone on the school staff to discuss my Individual Graduation Plan.
17. My intelligence is something that I cannot change very much.
18. I can meet the learning goals my teachers set.
19. Teachers give students a chance to take part in classroom discussions or activities.
20. The teachers at this school treat students fairly
21. Students know how they are expected to act.
22. How clearly are you able to describe your feelings?
23. How much do you care about other people’s feelings?
24. When others disagreed with you, how respectful are you of their views?
25. The school rules are fair.
26. All students are treated fairly when they break school rules.
27. I feel safe in my school.
28. How safe do you feel in the neighborhood?
29. I feel like I am a part of this school
30. I am happy to be at this school.
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