Canty Student Cell Phone/Wireless Device Agreement
Cell phones and other electronics/wireless devices are not allowed at school. Students should not bring them to school.

Before a child is allowed to have a cell phone at school, this Canty Student Cell Phone/Wireless Device Agreement must be completed and electronically signed.

While students are in the building, during, before or after school hours, cell phones are ONLY allowed to be in the students’ backpacks and must be turned off! Cell phones are not allowed to be taken out of students’ backpacks or turned on until the students have left the building. If a student does not abide by these rules, the phone will be taken away and parent will have to pick up after school. Additional consequences (taken from Chicago Public School’s Student Code of Conduct, code 2-12) will be strictly enforced for repeated occurances.

It is a choice of the student and/or family to have a cell phone at school. We are not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or other electronic devices.
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I understand that my child's cell phone is to be off and in their bag while in school. Failure to follow this agreement will result in consequences according to the CPS Student Code of Conduct. *
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