Multi County and State Committee Bonus Members
Members of the Douglas County Democratic Party are elected to serve on committees for the Colorado State Democratic Party and on committees that cross into multiple counties (I.e., Congressional Districts, Judicial Districts, and some State House Districts). These committees meet a few times per year, on average, and vote on things like Rules changes, platform positions, and leadership positions. The purpose of this form is to run for these committees. You may sit on as many committees as you'd like, as long as you live in the appropriate district.
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Name and Address (we need to be able to verify that you live in the district for which you are running)
Colorado State Democratic Party Executive Committee - DCDP elects 4 members.
Colorado State Democratic Party Central Committee - DCDP elects 22 members.
Congressional District 4 Central Committee - DCDP elects 14 members.
Congressional District 6 Central Committee - DCDP elects 8 members
Judicial District 18 Central Committee - DCDP elects 22 members
State House District 39 Central Committee - DCDP elects 8 members
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