His House Worship & Production Team Application
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Marital Status
If married, is your spouse supportive of you in this ministry?
Are you a partner of His House Ministries?
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If you are already serving please tell us in what capacity
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Have you been through growth track?
Are you connected to a life group?
Please share your testimony
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Area of interest
If interested in production, what specific area?
Do you prefer to serve in His House Sunday Service or His House Wednesday Youth?
Do you believe that you are at a musical level that is consistent to the current HHM standard of excellence?
Do you have any specific strengths in the area of production?
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Availability to serve
Vocalist Information-Can you sing harmony?
Vocalist Information
Have you ever sung with a worship team, praise team, or band?
If you have, please tell about your previous role.
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If you have served in production, please explain your previous role.
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What are you vocal strengths?
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What are your vocal weaknesses?
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What is your primary and secondary instrument played? If you play more than 2 instruments please list them in order of strength.
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Have you played an instrument in a band or worship team before?
If you have played previously, please tell us about it.
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What are you musical strengths?
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What are you musical weaknesses?
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I have read this entire application. I have answered the questions with integrity.
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