Understandably: the Politics Survey Edition
Here they are: the intrusive political and media questions I meant to ask, but didn't. Folks, this is an anonymous survey. I don't even ask for your name or email address. All questions are optional, but the more you fill in the more useful it will be—and the more it will help me understand our readers. Finally, at the very end you'll find a form to "ask me anything," for our AMA event next week.
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OK, let's get to it. Who did you vote for in the 2020 election?
If you'd like to say a bit more about who you voted for, please do so here (max 250 characters).
One a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being as far left and liberal as someone could be, and 5 being as far-right and conservative as someone could be, where would you put yourself?
Very liberal
Very conservative
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If you'd like to say a bit more about your political positions, please do so here (max 250 characters).
Below, you'll find a list of about 20 popular news organizations. For the ones that you have an opinion about, do you find them trustworthy? (These are in random order; please just skip if no opinion.)
Don't Trust
The Washington Post
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Fox News
Daily Mail
USA Today
The Weather Channel
The Wall Street Journal
The Associated Press
National Public Radio (NPR)
New York Post
The New York Times
The Guardian
What other news sources that you especially trust or don't trust, would you like me to consider?
Finally: Ask me anything! (If you want me to be able to reply, since this form is anonymous, please send an email instead to bill@understandably.com, and put "AMA" in the subject line.)
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