Celebration 2018 Food Competitions
Sealaska Heritage Institute will hold a food contests during Celebration 2018.
The rules to participate are similar to participating in other events sponsored by Sealaska Heritage Institute.
• Food must be gathered and prepared by the participant.
• Each participant must submit at least a 1-quart size bag of seaweed, at least 3 cups of soapberries at the time of judging, and 4 ounces of seal oil with or with out crackling (fat).
• Each entry must be marked with the participant’s name and a local phone number where they can be reached. Please write your name and phone number directly on the entry containers. Please do not attach notes to the bags, as they are likely to be lost.
• Before judging, the names will be matched with numbers to keep the names secret from the judges.
• Any surplus food entries will be donated on behalf of the participant to elders living in urban communities.

Prizes for each category
First Place: $500
Second Place: $250
Third Place: $100

Sealaska Heritage Institute will contact applicants once the dates and times of the competitions have been finalized.
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