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Roane State faculty can use this form to request institutional purchase of iOS (ie. iPad/iPhone) apps. Non-faculty requests for apps should be directed to your department head/budget supervisor.

Institutional app purchases are governed by RSCC policy GA-18-07. Additional information may be requested to facilitate or authorize app purchases. At this time, we are limited to purchase of iOS apps. We do not have a process to purchase Android apps.

Note: some iOS apps are designed to work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Some iOS apps are designed to work only with iPad or iPhone/iPod. Also, some apps require iOS 6.x and greater.

We want faculty to try apps related to their discipline and share their experiences with others. All apps purchased with institutional funds will be listed in the library's App Directory along with names of faculty piloting that app. Please indicate if you prefer not to have your name listed.

App purchases are facilitated by Library Services. Someone will contact you soon about your request and app delivery.

Thanks for trying something new. We look forward to learning with you.

Note: Apps requested between 10/11/13 and 10/22/13 will not be purchased and delivered before 10/23/13.
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