Singing Valentines 2019
Huron Valley Harmonizers -- the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society
Thanks for ordering a Singing Valentine for your special someone!
It will be delivered by four men, dressed in tuxedoes and bearing a rose and a card for your loved one. They will sing two love songs, and at the conclusion, a photo will be taken of the quartet with your Valentine, and it will be emailed to you.

Please use this form to provide us with information about delivering an unforgettable Singing Valentine to your special someone.

Tips to ensure a great Singing Valentine
Work/office deliveries can be tricky. Please provide in the "Instructions" field information that will help us locate your loved one quickly, such as the name and phone number of a co-worker who can escort the quartet to the recipient's desk or work area (if allowed) and possibly arrange for an "audience".

Be sure to specify the recipient's first and last name. The receptionist at an office building may not know just by first name or pet-name. If you want the recipient to be addressed on the card using something other than the first and last name, be sure to specify it in the "Message" field. (e.g., My Darling Pookie)

If there is a specific time window that your recipient will not be available (e.g., out to lunch), please include this information in the "Delivery Instructions".

Valentine Sender's (your) Name
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Valentine Sender's (your) email address
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Valentine Sender's phone (so we can contact you to confirm details)
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Receiver's Name
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Delivery Address & City
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Contact person's name at the delivery location (if we need to talk with someone else to access the delivery site)
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Detailed Delivery Instructions (landmarks, parking info, tips for finding the location, who to ask for, should we call someone first?, times when the recipient will NOT be around, etc...)
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Approximate time you'd like us to deliver (default delivery window is inside a 4 hour period, unless you paid for a tighter window)
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Who should we say the Singing Valentine is from?
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How did you hear about us?
After clicking "Submit" below, you'll be sent to a non-descript Google page thanking you for submitting this info. Within 8-12 hours (likely less than that), you'll get a call or email from our Singing Valentine Coordinator, who will confirm the details with you.

Thanks again, and we look forward to singing for your Valentine!

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