Storyteller Supply: An ongoing giveaway of free original art, quotes, and poetry in the mail
My name is Morgan Harper Nichols. I'm a Los Angeles based writer and artist and once a week, I randomly select people from this list to send original quotes and art in the mail.

1. Winners are picked weekly from 3000+ entries
2. International entries are welcome!
3. Receive art and quote cards no matter the result of the giveaway by purchasing them here!
With every purchase or sponsorship, I give another one away.

1. You only need to enter once, but if you need to update your info (your mailing address, your story, etc), you can re-enter and your old entry will be replaced with your new one.
2. If you'd like for someone else to receive the package instead of you, still fill out the form as yourself but include their story and mailing address in the space provided in addition to your info.

October 2017: Since March, over 3,000 people have entered and over 500 packages have been sent out. WOW! It is still my goal to send packages to everyone on the list. You can help! Click here to learn more:

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