A Mattmade Survey
Thanks so much for helping me find out a bit more about you and the types of things that you like.

I'm always looking to improve my items and your feedback comes a LONG way! I won't share any of these questions with anyone, so if you're comfortable in sharing your answers with me, that is as far as they will go!

If you have purchased an Etsy item from me, please use your email associated with your Etsy account and mention it on the last question. Doing so will enter you in a draw for a chance to win your Mattmade Etsy order!
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In your household, what do you (and/or your partner) do for a living? *
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In your household, what are the top activities/sports/hobbies? Please list a few if you can! *
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With matching shirts/mugs in mind, what interests you the most? You can check off a few items. *
What matching items would you love to purchase for yourself or as a gift? *
If you were to consider a matching or themed set for yourself or for a gift, which of these would interest you the most? *
On the topic of matching items...Do you have any specific ideas on items, or designs that you would love or you just feel are amazing ideas in general? *
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Any final thoughts, comments or feedback for me? *
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