Eskom Expo for Young Scientists-2020 WHERE ARE YOU NOW?
Dear Eskom Expo graduate
We hope that you are having a wonderful 2020. It's that time of the year when Expo would like to keep in touch with all Expo alumni to maintain a continuous relationship and to determine the success of the Eskom Expo. Please complete the survey to the best of your ability. As part of the ongoing relationship between Eskom Expo and its alumni, the tracking component ensures that alumni keep Eskom Expo informed of their progress in life after participating at Eskom Expo regional/international fair.

This tracking survey looks at the 2020 activities of the 1980-2019 Eskom Expo graduates and their accomplishments thus far. Please note that by continuing, you give consent to partake in this research. Your participation is highly appreciated! - ALSO, you can share this with alumni that have not received the email.

If you have any queries, please email All the best for 2020!
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