2019 Moose Jaw Pride Community Service Award Nomination Form
Moose Jaw Pride’s Community Service Award recognizes individuals, or groups of individuals, who have made significant and consistent contributions to vitalizing and supporting the gender and sexual diverse community of Moose Jaw and surrounding area.

Past recipients have shown tremendous commitment to positive change through their work creating safe spaces, speaking out against discrimination and harassment, developing inclusive policies within various local organizations or businesses, building healthy community relationships, and/or their efforts at raising public awareness of the experiences of gender and sexual diverse Moose Javians.


Past and present members of Moose Jaw Pride, individuals who have affected the community in significantly positive ways, as well as supportive and inclusive community groups, organization, or businesses, are eligible to receive Moose Jaw Pride’s Community Service Award.

Recipients can be of ANY sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, nationality, race (or perceived race), or religious creed.

Current staff and Executive Members serving on the organization’s Board of Directors are NOT eligible to receive the award.

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