Budapest Cup Regatta 2018 feedback
Please help us in making the Budapest Cup Regatta better! We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to let us know your feedback on this year's regatta (and please forget about the weather element for a moment, we don't have an influence on that :). Thank you and see you next year!
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How did you feel about the race? *
It was a terrible experience, I would never come again.
I loved it, it was a great experience!
Would you recommend the race to your rowing friends? *
Did you get all the technical information necessary to start in the race?
Nothing was clear for me.
Yes, everything was clear and on time.
How was the registration on site?
It was perfect.
Did you rent a boat?
If yes, were you satisfied with the allocation of the boat?
not at all
very much
How was the start of the race?
Chaos, had no idea what was going on.
Everything was right for us to have a good start.
Did you prefer this year's distance?
Were you satisfied in general with the services in the depot? (cloakrooms, toilet, food, etc.)
Terrible experience
I loved everything despite the weather
Do you take part in the Capital Cup race?
Did you arrive by car?
Where did you stay in the city?
Did you come to the afterparty?
If yes, did you enjoy the afterparty?
Not at all
Pretty much
And at last, how do you feel in general: Was the entry fee worth it for the overall regatta experience? *
Not at all
Yes, it was wonderful experience
Anthing else you want to tell us? Please feel free!
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