Arena User Groups Survey
The Fundy Regional Ice Strategy is an assessment of arena facilities in the greater area. It will illustrate the challenges currently facing these critical public investments and explore collaborative solutions. At this stage, the strategy is in development and we are looking for your input.

Survey Duration: 6 multiple Choice Questions, less than 10 minutes to complete

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Would your organization travel 20-minutes further than normal for a facility that offered a more affordable rental rate? *
What are the greatest challenges facing your organization? *
Major Challenge
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Costs (e.g. ice rental, other expenses)
Lack Of Ice Time
Fair Allocation of Ice-Time
Volunteer Recruitment & Burnout
Inadequate Facilities (e.g. quality, amenities, equipment)
Lack of Training or Professional Support
Are there any other challenges you would like to include?
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On average in New Brunswick, more than half the cost of public arenas are subsidized by taxpayers of the host community. Therefore, some New Brunswick arenas have or are considering additional fees for arena users that do not live in the host community. Depending on the community, the fee can range between $200 to $890 per person, per ice-sport. If arenas in this region adopted such fees, would it prevent some people from participating in your sport? What would be the impact on your total registration numbers? *
Do you support a mandatory helmet policy at all arenas in the Fundy Region? *
Would it be useful to your organization if all arenas posted their ice-time schedules online? *
One goal of this project is to provide arenas and municipalities with more data so they can make more informed decisions. Does your organization currently provide registration information to arenas or municipalities? (e.g. number of registrants and their addresses) *
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