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Self Tape Instructions:
When recording your self tape video, please:

- Make sure there is plenty of light and that you are fairly close to your camera/phone. Self-tapes and handheld selfie formats are fine.
- Have any background noise lowered or turned off.
- Keep your submission video under 2 minutes.
- And most of all, please answer all the questions we have listed but be concise. Have fun, show us your personality and be genuine.

Please answer the following questions in your video/self tape:

1. What is your name, age and job?
2. Describe yourself in (3) words.
3. What's your dating life like in one sentence?
4. What's your biggest dating app fail?
5. Has a boyfriend/girlfriend ever invaded your privacy? Have you ever invaded your boyfriend/girlfriends privacy?
6. Are you open to trying something new to find true love?

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