WagonCon 2017 Feedback Survey
Another WagonCon has come to a close. From all of the board members and volunteers we would like to say thank you. All of you were so amazing and have reinforced the exact reason we are doing this event. Many of you are rapidly becoming extend family members, which in a word is outstanding!

While the convention is fresh in your mind, we would really like to hear your feedback about the second WagonCon. Give us the good, bad and the ugly. We are all big boys and girls, and can take it.

Thank you again and we look to growing the WagonCon family in 2018.

WagonCon 2018
4th, 5th and 6th of May 2018!

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being low, 5 being high) how did you enjoy WagonCon 2017?
Horrible, I wish a plague of Cave Trolls on you!
Great! Is it WagonCon 2018 yet?
What was your favorite part of WagonCon 2017?
Your answer
If you attended WagonCon 2016 and WagonCon 2017, did you like this year or last year better?
Was there something we didn't do this year (but did last year) that you missed?
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How can we improve for WagonCon 2018?
Your answer
Did any particular Game Master or Volunteer stand out?
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If you stayed in a hotel while at Wagoncon, which one?
Are you interested in Volunteering to make WagonCon 2018 even better? If so, how would you like to assist?
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Are you planning on attending WagonCon 2018?
Never again!
I want to go again RIGHT NOW!
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