Professional Listing Application/Update Request for API Nurturings Website
Information provided below will be included on the API Nurturings website,  /  to help parents find local professionals who align with the API Principles ( Professionals do not need to focus on all of the API Principles, but should support API Principles.

Complete the form below to gives us your consent and permission to share your designated information on our website in the Professionals listing. 

Professional listing is at API Nurturings discretion.  Professionals assume all responsibility associated with publicly listed information and while solicitors are prohibited from using this information to contact groups, API Nurturings does not assume responsibility for any unwanted solicitations, nor do we assume responsibility for any individuals contacting or using listed services. 

Listed Professionals are not subsidiaries or affiliates of API Nurturings. Listing is a service offered to encourage and assist parents in finding resources aligned with API's Eight Principles of Parenting. Professionals who are listed may display a designated badge to show their alignment with API's Principles.

Please keep your information current by returning to this form and updating your information.

Thank you for the work you are doing in your community to nurture children for a more compassionate world!
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