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The Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) is a global entrepreneurship contest organized by Alibaba Cloud and is the largest startup event by Alibaba Group.

The regional competitions will be held in 9 countries including USA, UK, France, Korea. This year Alibaba Cloud will work with Techcode Israel to host the first contest in Tel-Aviv.

First place winner of the Regional competition (Israel) will win 50K USD in Credit and a spot at the International competition - that will be held on October 13-14 in Shanghai.

The Top 8 applicants will receive 10K USD in Credit.

**Deadline for application is August 29 , 2017**

Who Should Apply?
If you are a Cloud-Based Startup or are currently using Cloud Technologies - this competition is for you!
* Funding your IT Infrastructure: Up to $50,000 USD funding to cover the IT cost of your business initiatives.
* Co-Branding with Alibaba Cloud: Potential startups are invited to join our co-branding marketing campaigns online and offline.
* Bridge to Enter the China Market: Leveraging on the resources and expertise of Alibaba in China, Alibaba Cloud can help to solve the issues in entering the market.
* Professional Cloud Architect Design: The tailor-made IT solutions designed by our architects will support in bringing your business up to speed.
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