Bed Naz Teen Survey
I consider myself to be a regular attender of BedNaz youth group events.
How often, on average, do you attend BedNaz youth events during a month? (NaCl, Sunday School, Wednesday Night, other activities)
If you attend BedNaz but don't come to many teen events, Please tell us why ? (Check all that apply)
What programs, activities, or events of the youth ministry of BCN have meant the most to you?
Your answer
Would you invite your friends to activities at the Bedford Church of the Nazarene? Why or why not?
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What programs, activities, and events would you like to see more of?
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What class/small group discussion topics do you feel need taught ? Pick your top 3
A Youth Pastor must know the Bible and be able to teach it in a way I understand.
A Youth Pastor must be a man/woman of prayer.
A Youth Pastor should be athletic.
A Youth Pastor needs to attend student events (games, plays, musicals, etc) when possible.
A Youth Pastor should help students grow in their faith and teach them how to make disciples.
For Previous question: If you answered Important or Very Important, how would a Youth Pastor make this happen?
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A Youth Pastor needs to be married.
An appropriate age range for a Youth Pastor is:
What areas do you struggle with the most? ( Ex: self esteem, bad friend choices, drinking/drugs, etc.)
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What BedNaz Teen activities do you think we should stop doing? Why ?
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What activities do you think we should bring back ? Why ?
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What is the best way to get info about activities to you ? (Check all that apply)
When you dream REALLY BIG for our BedNaz teens, what do you envision our youth group would look like?
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Would you be willing to get more involved to help make this come true?
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Other Comments/Concerns/Suggestions:
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