GSA Partner Information
Granite State Ambassadors appreciate all the support you have shown our organization over the years. LET US BE THERE FOR YOU NOW. Please answer the relevant questions below so we can help spread the word to our volunteers and front-line partners. We will also be running a campaign encouraging our GSA volunteers to purchase gift certificates and to take advantage of promotional offers.
Business Name
What city/town is your business located in?
Contact person
Phone number and/or email address
Are you open during the pandemic? Hours, curbside, online...
Are you selling or having a gift certificate / sales promotion? Tell us about it and how to participate (online, phone, in person...)
Are you planning any special events or programs when the state re-opens (summer, fall...)?
Do you have anything new to share (addition, renovation, new programs, exhibits, rides...)?
Do you have any virtual tours or educational materials we can use to learn more about you (and share)? Tell us where to find them.
Are you posting educational information, offerings, etc on your social media? Please share them to our Facebook page /nhgsa.
Are there any other ways we can help to promote you during this time?
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