Arbitrum Hackathon @ Devcon 2022
Hi there! We're collecting pre-registrations for our hackathon in Bogota, Colombia this year, following Devcon VI, from October 15-16. This form is where we'll be intaking an initial cohort and gather feedback, and we'll follow up with a more formal registration link in the following weeks.
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Do you want to participate in our in-person hackathon from Oct 15-16 in Bogota? *
What is your level of experience with building on Arbitrum? *
Do you already have a project in development that you'd like to submit at the hackathon? *
We'd like to know how many folks are coming in with a project in the works vs those who want to build something from scratch.
What would you be interested in seeing at the Arbitrum hackathon? *
Could you prioritize the type of project you might be most interested in working on? (also applies if you already have a project in development)
Dev Infrastructure
DAOs and DAO Tooling
Social Application
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