Quality Improvement Process Enrollment
Overview of the Quality Improvement Process
Out of school time programs serving youth between Pre-K - 12th grade are invited to enroll in Out 2 Learn's Spring 2019 (January 2019 - May 2019) Quality Improvement Process. Our Quality Improvement Process provides programs with support in conducting a program quality self-assessment, creating an improvement plan, along with case-by-case coaching.

The Out 2 Learn Network understands the importance of having access to strong after-school and out-of-school programs. Studies show when youth participate in higher quality programs they tend to:
Increase school day attendance
Increase after-school attendance
Increase positive behavior
Increase engagement in instruction and skill-building activities
Decrease grade retention
Decrease disciplinary referrals

We provide an assessment tool and training to prepare staff for the following: conducting a self-assessment, reporting site findings, and interpreting site data to create meaningful change at their site.
We couple this with a series of Youth Work Methods workshops based on your program findings and best youth program practices to assist quality improvement.
All of this is provided by the Out 2 Learn network free of charge. Your dedication to quality improvement and participation is all we ask in return.

To be eligible to join our Quality Improvement Process, you must have at least one program offering for youth between Pre-K - 12th grade on a consistent basis between August - May.

Within the Out 2 Learn network, who will you report your data and progress to: *
If you primary contact is Kittra Hewitt you will report your data to HCDE CASE for Kids. If your primary contact is Ashley Tate or Lindsey Hill you will report to United Way of Greater Houston.
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