Reality Check Volunteer Check-In
Thank you for volunteering to be part of Shrewsbury High School's first Reality Check! We are so excited to have you join us for this fantastic learning opportunity. Please fill out all questions/information below.
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Station you're volunteering for? *
Please refer to the flyer for a description of each station.
Alternate Station
Should you have multiple expertise or should we have an overabundance of volunteers in your category, which stations (if any) are you able to volunteer at? Select as many as you'd like.
Are you willing to be a station leader? *
This would entail you correspond with the volunteers of your station and the Coordinators of the Reality Check. You would work together to ensure all members of your station are well prepared to share the same message and information to students, as well as coordinate table setup (e.g. pamphlets, pictures, pricing sheets, etc.).
Are you enlisting ADDITIONAL volunteers from your business? *
If you are volunteering a team of people from your business, please list the number of people you are bringing with you to the Reality Check. Please refer to the flyer for the total number of volunteers needed at each station.
Which training session will you be attending? *
Please select at least one of the training sessions below. These will be held in the Bent Presentation Room at Shrewsbury High School on the date and time listed below.
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