SRP 2019 Week 9 Logic Puzzle: The Martians
Boost your brain activity, improve concentration, and reduce boredom by solving these challenging logic puzzles.

Details: Solve any (or all) of our weekly logic puzzles and count it as an activity on your Summer Reading Handout. Complete three activities on your Summer Reading Handout to be entered to win a free box of books!

Read - Solve - Repeat

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Jack and Martha have been married for 50 years and are celebrating their Golden Anniversary. If you add Jack’s age to Martha’s, you get a combined age of 161 years. Jack is now twice as old as Martha was when he was as old as she is now. Can you work out how old Jack and Martha are now? (Clue: Martha was 19 when she married Jack.) *
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Q: During a recent music festival, four DJs entered the mixing contest. Each wore a number, either 1, 2, 3 or 4 and their decks were different colors. DJ Bugz came first, and only one DJ wore the same number as the position he finished in. DJ Book Boy wore number 1. The DJ who wore number 2 had a red deck and DJ Read-A-Lot didn't have a yellow deck. The DJ who came last had a blue deck. DJ Lola beat DJ Book Boy. The DJ who wore number 1 had a green deck and the DJ who came second wore number 3. Can you determine who came where, which number they wore and the color of their deck?

A: # Name Wore Deck Color
1 DJ Bugz 2 red
2 DJ Lola 3 yellow
3 DJ Book Boy 1 green
4 DJ Read-A-Lot 4 blue
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