Prize Submission - 2023 Community Giveaways
We're excited to have you join us for our community wedding vendor giveaways! Details below on how to submit a prize. We only accept one prize from each vendor so make it as big as you want. You must already be signed up on our directory to participate in the giveaway. 

*You can submit prizes for both counties if you service both counties with no travel fees.

*If you aren't on our directory yet you can sign up here:
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Giveaway Dates
Each giveaway will start on a Monday and end at midnight on Friday. The giveaway will run for 5 days to increase exposure for vendors and couples. Winners will be announced on Saturday. 
Choose which 2023 giveaway you are participating in. Each giveaway is limited to 10 vendors. *
Choose your Giveaway Sponsor Level
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Your business Instagram handle for us to tag you (ex: @evermoorefilms) *
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Prize Ideas from past giveaways (if you need ideas)
RULES for Prizes
  • Prizes must be COMPLETELY FREE, no strings attached. 
  • Minimum value $25. 
  • NO discounts on products or services allowed. 
  • NO discounts on booking or upgrading a package allowed.
  • Winners will claim prizes directly from you, do not send prizes to the Evermoore office.
  • Prizes cannot be changed after the giveaway is announced.
Dollar value of the prize you are giving away. Minimum value $25. *
Description of your prize EXACTLY as you want it written (ex: "FREE Local Engagement Photo Session" or "FREE $25 Starbucks Gift Card") *
*Optional* Any additional explanation for Evermoore to better understand your prize
*Evermoore does not charge for organizing these giveaways, but they do take a lot of time and you can donate to help us with the administrative costs of running our community giveaways.
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*You can send your optional donation to us by: 

Zelle - 6614895000 (Preferred)
Venmo - @JoshuaMoore-EF
OR you can mail to: 
Evermoore Films LLC
5630 District Blvd. STE 112
Bakersfield, CA 93313

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!
REQUIREMENTS for Participating
By submitting a prize you agree to the requirements below:
• I understand the engagement status of contest entrants cannot be verified 
• I agree to advertise the giveaway on my profile/stories
• I agree to post the official giveaway post and caption so couples can comment and enter on my page
• I agree to respond to winner Direct Messages within 24 hours or 1 business day
• I agree to abide by the Official Rules for vendors (sponsors) and entrants:
• That's all! Thanks for participating! We'll give you further directions and information as we get closer

Note on Giveaway Scams and Hacking
IG hacking is on the rise. Keeping your IG account and your follower's accounts safe is your responsibility. Giveaways will draw more attention to your account so be sure you have a secure IG account before giveaway day.
• Follow the simple Security Tips from Instagram:
• Have a strong and unique password (length is most important 12+ characters)
• Turn on two-factor authentication for new devices
• Be careful of third-party apps
• Most IG hacks happen because of weak passwords and lack of two-factor authentication - just like everything else on the internet - if your account is secure then your chance of getting hacked is very low

I agree to the RULES and REQUIREMENTS above *
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