2020 Application: D.C. Experience Scholarship
Thank you for your interest in The Harkin Institute's D.C. Experience Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to expose students to policymakers and the policymaking process. It is funded in large part through the generosity of Senator Harkin's former staff members, many of whom benefitted from their experience in our nation's capital and went on to pursue careers in public service.

This scholarship program is nonpartisan and is open to all undergraduate students regardless of political party affiliation, area of student, and internship placement. The scholarship is designated for students with financial need. To learn more about the financial information and qualification requirements, click here: http://harkininstitute.drake.edu/for-students/scholarships/. (Please note: this scholarship is open to students with plans to work in a nonprofit organization, congressional office or government agency in Washington, D.C. Unsure whether your internship qualifies? Contact Emily Schettler at emily.schettler@drake.edu)

In addition to filling out the the application below, each applicant must provide:

1. A typewritten statement not to exceed 500 words. Your essay should address:
- How this internship opportunity would expose you to policymakers or to the policymaking process
- Why you chose this internship placement
- How this internship benefits you in your future education or professional career
- Any special financial information you would like the board to consider

2. A copy of your resume.

3. A recommendation letter from a member of the Drake University faculty.

4. An unofficial copy of your transcript from Drake University.

5. An acceptance letter from your internship placement. Please make sure to indicate whether this internship is paid or unpaid. If it is paid, please include wage information.

6. A signed financial aid statement form.

If you are in need of an ADA accommodation, please contact The Harkin Institute at 515-205-6319 or email emily.schettler@drake.edu.

All applications must be completed and emailed to Emily Schettler, emily.schettler@drake.edu, NO LATER THAN NOON, FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020.
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By submitting this application, you grant permission to the Drake University Office of Student Financial Planning to release information regarding your financial need to The Harkin Institute D.C. Experience Scholarship Advisory Committee. Click here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1etco3kb7IifKDbXo-tdmBaqG33pOiBev/view?usp=sharing) to print and sign the release form. Return this form with your application by Noon on Friday, March 27.
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