Lunacon 2017 - It's Your Convention
This survey is for everyone who wants to come to Lunacon!
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Lunacon 2017 - It's Your Convention!

We are hoping to learn something from YOU, a member of the Lunacon community, so that we can provide the best possible program and experiences for Lunacon 2017 attendees.
We’d like to know what makes a gathering one you’d like to take part in.
We’re also hoping you’ll share ideas with us: What topics are you interested in? What sorts of panels would you like to see? We have several themes in the works, (including monsters, the future, and diversity) but we welcome your suggestions. And if a good idea doesn’t make it into this year’s convention, there’s always next year…
Finally, Lunacon can’t happen without you, so we hope that some of you will have thoughts on how you can participate, not just as attendees, but as panelists, presenters, artists, workshop leaders, volunteers, cosplayers, dancers, and co-creators of a fun experience for all. After all, Lunacon is your convention!

Thanks so much!

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