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Must be 21 or older by January 5th, 2019 to be eligible.
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Submit one letter of recommendation from a current or former teacher. If your teacher prefers to send a confidential letter, please upload a pdf with the name of the person from whom we should expect a letter, and have them email their letter to All letters must be received by the application deadline.
Piece Concept (150 words max) *
At the course's core is the creation and performance of pieces for percussion trio. Submit 150 words on your vision for the piece you intend to write, should you be accepted. Or, if you have already written a percussion trio that you would like to use for the course, please write a bit about its origins and your compositional goals while writing it.
Work Sample 1: Score (PDF format) *
If you have a pre-existing percussion work, whether a trio you intend to use or otherwise, please submit it here as your first work sample. An existing percussion trio is NOT a requirement for acceptance.
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Audio: Soundcloud link (Studio or live recording preferred, MIDI acceptable) and/or Video: Youtube or Vimeo link.
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Work Sample 2: Recording *
Audio: Soundcloud link (Studio or live preferred, MIDI acceptable) and/or Video: Youtube or Vimeo link.
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