CCL webinars spring 2015 - Enrol here

A number of webinars are brought to you by the Creative Classrooms Lab project ( All the webinars look into the use of tablet computers in schools and provide good practices for educational use of tablets. The webinars are led by the project's pilot teachers from across Europe.

These webinars are totally free and any one take part, please fill in this form to receive the participation link. If you taking part in the online course "Creative use of Tablets in Schools" ( you don't need to sign up here, but you can access to the webinars directly from the course platform.

Please note that the places are limited to 200 in each webinar, and if you want to ensure your place, please login to the webinar about 15 min before that starting time.

The CCL webinars include:
- School-to-School Collaboration - 7 April, 16:30h Brussels time
- Parental Involvement and Tablets - 22 April, 18:00h Brussels time
- Collaboration and assessment with tablets - 27 May, 16:00h Brussels time
- Special Needs Education and Tablets - 7 May, 18:30h Brussels time
- Flipped Classrooms - 14 May, 17:00h Brussels time
- Personalised Learning with tablets, to be confirmed
- Presenting the results from the CCL observation visits, 19 May (by Diana Bannister, Univ. Wolverhampton)


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