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Thank you for your interest in covering St. Louis 2020, the fourth Men's Roller Derby World Cup.

See you in St. Louis!!
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With respect to this application, I agree to hold harmless the St. Louis GateKeepers, the Men's Roller Derby World Cup hosting committee, and the Men's Roller Derby World Cup committee and all of their volunteers, designates, employees, and representatives. *
Will you be editing on site AND will you have need for a place for your computer and access to WiFi? *
Are you ok with the MRDWC, MRDA, or host league promoting your webpage or professional FB page from the MRDWC/MRDA/host/event page? *
We occasionally use photos to promote the MRDWC  on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Would you be OK with MRDWC/MRDA/host league using your work on these occasions (with appropriate credit and promotion (please use other if you have hesitations and would like to discuss them)? *
Sometimes, we use images for paid advertising (mostly at other derby events)- do you have a site where we can purchase images if needed?
All volunteers at MRDA Hosted event are expected to abide by our code of conduct or might be subject to removal. Link is available here: *
Finally, we'd like to make sure you have snacks on site to enjoy while working! Can you let us know if you have any allergies/dietary restrictions?
Bonus Question! Sometimes we have amazing sponsors who provide free shirts for the fantastic folks joining us in volunteer positions such as this. We're not sure which events will have them right now, but if you'd like one, please include your t-shirt size below (assume the very standard uni-sex tee)
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