Echelon T1 Raid Team Registration
Registration for the weekly TDT T1 Raid each Friday at 12 noon (GMT).
The event is repeated every Friday at the same time.
Please register each character separately
You may register any number of characters but each will need to be accepted separately
Character name *
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Which kin are you in? *
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Character class *
Registering Multiple Characters
you may register multiple characters but each will need a separate application to be processed and listed on the accepted list.
Are you registering multiple characters? *
If you are registering other characters for the raid team, please list them here.
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Raid Team Agreement
I agree to be tolerant, polite and mindful of others in this raiding team.
I agree to never rage quit and to be patient when others are organising the 12 man team.
I agree to not share the EchelonRaid chat channel access details to other players who are not on the player acceptance list.
Gear Check
I have carfully verified that my gear is suitable for this T1 raid
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