DNAinfo Upper West Side Nanny Survey
This survey is completely anonymous. We'll share the results in a follow-up story.
Where do you live?
How long have you had your nanny?
How many children does your nanny care for?
Which of the following federal holidays do you give your nanny as paid time off?
If you answered none, why?
Your answer
How many sick days do you give your nanny?
How many vacation days do you give your nanny (not including sick days or federal holidays)?
Do you require your nanny to sync up her vacation time with yours - so you’re both taking vacation at the same time?
Do you pay for your nanny’s health insurance?
If yes, how much does it cost annually?
Your answer
Do you pay your nanny on the books or off the books
How do you pay your nanny?
What do you pay your nanny per hour?
If you pay your nanny a salary, what is the yearly salary?
What, if any, holiday or year-end bonus do you give?
Do you give a yearly raise?
What do you give for a yearly raise?
What perks do you provide to your nanny? (check all that apply)
How would you characterize your nanny’s housekeeping responsibilities?
Did you have a trial period with your nanny before officially hiring him or her?
Did your nanny sign a contract?
If yes, what did the contract entail?
Your answer
Did you run a background check?
Did you and your nanny agree on how much notice he or she will give you before leaving the job? And that you’ll give that notice before letting him or her go?
Do you wish you had done anything differently with your nanny setup?
Your answer
What would you tell other new parents about navigating hiring and employing a nanny?
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