Radio Silence holiday gift exchange 2019
Hey everyone!

This exchange is to encourage the gifting of art, fanfic, or any other creative type of Radio Silence related gift!

The gift does not necessarily have to be written/drawn/made by you, but 1) we encourage it! Anyone can make art! and 2) it MUST be specifically made for this exchange. That means, for example, you can commission an artist to draw your giftee's favourite character, but you can't take art that someone else made previous to the event and pretend it was for your giftee.

If you would like to send your giftee something by mail, that is completely up to their discretion whether they would like to give an admin their address to pass along to you. We are *not* going to force anyone to send their mailing address. We are encouraging digital delivery to keep costs low and the bar of entry open to everyone.

If you are considering Radio Silence gifts, you can find them at and at

Important dates:
NOVEMBER 26TH, 2019: SIGN-UPS CLOSE at 11:59pm EST

You can chose to send your gift as soon as it's finished or wait until closer to Christmas, it's up to you!
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Tell us about yourself! *
Say as much or as little as you want your gifter to know about you!
This will not necessarily guarantee any particular gift, but does help to inform the matching. Do you have a preference between written or drawn gifts? *
Are you okay with receiving physical mail? *
This is not a guarantee that you will receive any, it is for making clear your preference. If you are underage, please DO NOT select yes.
Would you prefer your email address be shared with your gifter for direct delivery, or would you prefer that I forward your gift to you? *
Now it's time for your Radio Silence thoughts and preferences!
Who is your favourite Radio Silence character? *
Select any of the below pairings that you ship. If you don't ship any, leave it blank! If you don't see your ship here, add it in "other".
What do you like best about your chosen character and/or pairing that you want your gifter to keep in mind while drawing/writing, etc. your gift? *
What are your dislikes? What is your NOTP so your gifter can avoid these things?
Do you have any favourite head canons about Radio Silence?
Do you have any favourite AUs (alternate universes), whether general tropes or specific ideas for Radio Silence, that you want your gifter to consider incorporating?
Do you have a song or playlist you can share or recommend your gifter listen to that reminds you of Radio Silence in some way? If so, please explain:
What is your favourite page or scene from the comic so far? Why? *
Do you read any other webcomics you would like to mention to inform your gifter about your tastes?
One more thing!
If you would like to receive a Radio Silence holiday postcard in the mail, please write your mailing address below:
THIS ADDRESS IS NOT SHARED WITH YOUR GIFTER WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. It is ONLY for the new 2019 card. Again, do NOT fill this in if you are underage in your country!
Thanks for signing up! You will receive your match on November 27th, 2019!
Please note that you have from November 27th to December 20th to create and send your gift. Anyone who doesn't receive a gift by December 20th, let me know (twitter @quietsnooze, on the discord, or my email and I will draw you a replacement gift.
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