Questionnaire on living in high energy performance buildings
This questionnaire is for all end-users living or thinking about living in multi-family buildings. These buildings may be ordinary buildings as we are used to them now or they can be advanced, high energy performance buildings.

High energy efficient buildings, which use a significant part of renewable energy sources and are nowadays often labelled as Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) (including passive houses, energy-positive or active buildings...), will become mandatory after 2020, according to EU legislation. First buildings of this kind have already been built and are currently in use.

Please, help us to understand your point of view regarding living in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

We are asking for your opinion, based on your personal experiences, conversations with friends and neighbours, media or technical literature. Do you have any questions and open dilemmas regarding living in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings? Please share them with us.

The questionnaire shall not take more than 10 minutes of you time.

Your opinion will be very helpful for developing a CONZEBs information platform for future users of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

Thank you for your cooperation.
CoNZEBs team

This project is funded by European Comission within the Horizon 2020 programme.
H2020 CoNZEBs project (2017-2019)
The aim of H2020 CONZEBs project is cost reduction of new Nearly Zero-Energy buildings. The focus of the project is on multi-family houses, on planing and construction process, optimization of technology solution sets and possible cost reductions. An investigation of end-users' experiences and expectations together with a guide on co-benefits of NZEBs will promote living in these buildings and enhance the energy performance by conductive user behaviour.
Do you currently live in high energy efficient building (Nearly Zero Energy Building - NZEB, passive house,...)? *
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