Missouri Democratic Party Sub Committee Nominee Application
Thank you for your interest in serving on any one of our sub committees. Please fill out the information below to be considered for a position on a sub committee. Nominations are expected to take place on April 27th at the next Quarterly Meeting.
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MDP Sub-Committees
Please check the box under each committee you are interested in serving on, if you are not interested in serving on that committee, please leave that question blank and move to the next committee
Democratic Candidate Recruitment (State/Local Offices)
There shall be a three (3) member committee to identify and recruit candidates for state and local offices. The committee shall advise the State Committee in giving assistance to Democratic candidates not involved in primary contests and to Democratic nominees for state and local offices after the primary election.
Democratic Candidate Recruitment (Federal Offices)
There shall be a three member committee to identify and recruit candidates for federal offices. The committee shall advise the State Committee in giving assistance to Democratic nominees for federal offices after the primary election.
Legislative Redistricting
There shall be a three (3) member committee to advise the State Committee concerning redistricting.
Appeals Committee
This committee shall be responsible for arbitrating party disputes involving all but delegate selection plans and affirmative action programs. The Appeals Committee shall consist of a panel of arbitrators appointed by the Chair with at least one (1) arbitrator residing in each congressional district.
Audit Committee
This committee shall be composed of three (3) members, appointed by the State Committee, whose duties shall be to audit annually the financial accounts and balances of the State Committee. One (1) of those three (3) members shall be designated chair by the State Committee.
Constitution and By Laws Committee
This committee shall at least biennially review the structure and procedures of this organization as defined in this document and recommend any additions or changes to the State Committee deemed necessary or desirable for the efficient operation of the Missouri Democratic Party and our compliance with the governing rules of the Democratic Party of the United States.
Legislative Affairs Committee
This committee shall study, coordinate and maintain liaison with the State Committee and the Democratic leadership and Democratic members of the Missouri General Assembly on any legislation deemed necessary and desirable in the interest of the state. The Democratic floor leaders of the Missouri Senate and the House of Representatives or their designated alternate from the same body of the General Assembly shall be ex- officio and automatic members of the legislative affairs committee with full voting rights.
Education and Training Committee
This committee shall be responsible for the creation and implementation of education and training programs for the democratic party in furtherance of its objectives, including among other subjects: efficient methods for voter registration, involvement of college and non-college young democrats in electoral affairs of the democratic party, campaign organization and campaign finance laws; and or the issuance of publications as necessary or appropriate in performance of any of these functions.
Platform Committee
This committee shall formulate a platform and general policy for the Missouri Democratic Party. The report of the platform committee shall be presented to the State Committee for their approval every two (2) years at the organizational meeting to be held in accordance with Section 1.05 (1).
Women’s Activities Committee
This committee shall aid in organizing the Women’s Federation of Democratic Clubs throughout Missouri and shall sponsor and encourage such women’s activities as may benefit the Democratic Party. The president of the Missouri Federation of Women’s Democratic Clubs shall be a member of the Women’s Activities Committee with full voting rights.
Youth Communications Committee
This committee shall develop open effective lines of communication with college students and youth groups throughout the state. The president of the Young Democratic Clubs of Missouri shall serve as a member of the youth communications committee with full voting.
Information Technology Committee
This committee shall be composed of twelve (12) members, at least one (1) member of which comes from each congressional district. Half of the committee shall be composed of members of the Democratic State Committee. Other appointed members should possess expertise and experience in the information management field and/or voterfile management. Members shall be appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee. The VoterFile Manager/VAN Administrator shall serve as staff for the committee and attend committee meetings. The purpose of the Information Technology Committee is to set policy for the Voter Activation Network as well as any other voter information management programs conducted by the Missouri Democratic State Committee. The Chair of the committee will be included in discussions with the Democratic National Committee regarding the VAN. The committee will be educated regarding all aspects of the information management programs of the state committee and on a regular basis update the state committee on the functioning and performance of those programs. The committee will coordinate with the Education and Training Committee to facilitate training on the VAN in each congressional district of the state.
This committee shall open and strengthen effective lines of communication with labor unions and their members throughout the state.
African American/Minority
This committee shall strengthen the communications between the Party and minority communities.
This committee shall work to strengthen communications between the Party and rural communities.
This committee shall work to ensure that progressive ideals are heard and implemented.
Speaker's Bureau
The Speaker's Bureau is a group of individuals across the state that will speak at Democratic events if a speaker has been requested through the Party.
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