Rattler Teen Trail Corps Hours Log
If you ride, you rake. As riders, we also have the responsibility to give back and help maintain the trails we use. Use this form to report and record hours of trail maintenance conducted.
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How it Works
Teen Trail Corp (TTC) hours count towards Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League (PICL) race series points. 5 points for each hour worked up to four hours. 1 point for each hour worked up to an additional 5 hours. The maximum points you can score is 25 points which requires 9 hours of work.

All hours have to be recorded during official team or trail club (YAMBA, SAMBA, etc.) work sessions.

Leaders Jerseys in TTC will be awarded in all grades all season long. The students accruing the most trail hours during the year will receive recognition at the end of the season.
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