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Here's my philosophy: You deserve to create your own path based on what energizes you and fulfills you, rather than staying on a path or moving onto a path because it feels like you should or it feels like it aligns with your skills.

The question we're trying to solve together is - what's next *and* how do you get there?

This coaching package includes eight (8) weeks of support, with one 45-minute live coaching session every other week (for a total of four), ongoing email support and a mid-week email check-in, and access to reflective activities to help you think deeply and then move forward. The investment for the sprint is $750, and this is available exclusively for executive assistants and administrative assistants. (For more details on the package, please visit

Our goal is to move you from feeling unfulfilled, wanting to make a change, or wanting to plan for what's next, to feeling confident in knowing what you want to do next and having a solid plan to get there. *And* we're doing it in a sprint format to build momentum, confidence, and inspiration quickly - to help you get rid of that stuck feeling

If you're interested, please respond to the questions below and I'll be in touch soon to schedule a short discovery call (to make sure we're a good fit to work together!)
What kind of work do you do now? How long have you been in your current role? 

Share a little bit about your experience, please. :) 
What factors led to you wanting/seeking a change?

What is/has been your biggest struggle with making a change or figuring out your next step?

What have you tried in the past (related to thinking about your next step or searching for a new job)?

Did it work for you? Please share your experiences here. 

(This could mean reading articles, listening to podcasts, asking someone for advice, searching for a mentor, hiring a resume writer, reading a book, informational interviews, applying to a bunch of jobs, etc.)

What *one* thing would you LOVE to leave a coaching experience with?

What fears do you have about making a career move/change?

Have you ever worked with a coach before or done any other kind of personal development work? Please share your experience here. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?
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